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Ministerial Staff

Pastor Terry Mays

Pastor Terry Mays

 Terry Lee Mays was born to Kenneth and Frances Mays in the summer of 1956. He was one of seven siblings. Terry Mays received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in the name of Jesus at 11 years of age. He married Karen Mason in 1976 and four years later, felt God calling him to the ministry while in a prayer meeting. He and his wife had two daughters during their time as part of the ministry here at fpcofkc. After sitting under his pastor, Ronald Calvert for almost 21 years, God called him to the evangelistic field for several months until he received news about Iola, Kansas. He began pastoring in Iola in the year 2003, and was a phenomenal help to the people of the church during his time there.

 In 2011, after having many years invested into the church and every saint as well, God had unexpected plans in store for Pastor Mays and his family. His longtime friend, Brent Calvert, who was pastoring here at fpcokc at the time, was terminally ill and had called upon him for a serious inquiry. It was Pastor Brent Calvert’s wish and the Will of God that Pastor Terry Mays take over upon his death. So, feeling confused but deciding to trust solely in God, he bade a tearful farewell to his life in Iola and led his family back to Kansas City to assist his friend. When the Lord called Brent Calvert home and he passed from this life, Pastor Mays stepped in and took up pastoral duties. Today, Pastor Mays is thankful that he followed God’s leading hand, for he knows without doubt that it lead him into the perfect will of God.

Elder Ronald Calvert

Pastor Emeritus Ronald Calvert

 Ronald Calvert was born to parents, Earl and Beulah Calvert in the fall of 1937. He was raised in a loving, Christian home in Kansas City and came to receive the promised gift of the Holy Ghost at the age of 9. There was no denying the call he felt on his life; he heard the audible voice of God telling him to, ‘Preach My Word’. After seeking guidance from his pastor, he preached his first message, “Steps to Divine Favor with God” in 1974, when he was 37 years old. From that point on, his ministry grew and flourished.

 No great man is complete without a great woman to support him, however, so on February 5, 1960, Ronald Calvert married his love, Charlene Brazear. They had a son and daughter who both went on to do great things in God’s kingdom. In 1976, the couple visited the church in Kansas City, after having lived in Conway, Arkansas for 2 years and during that time God set the stage for His divine plan. Earl Calvert, who was Ronald’s father, as well as pastor of the church, felt upon his heart to hand over pastoral duty to his son, Ronald Calvert. After seeking God’s will, they accepted. In 2 weeks’ time, they had moved to Kansas City and began pastoring. Bishop Calvert pastored for almost 27 years; he began pastoring with approximately 20 members and upon retiring, church attendance was known to reach 130. Bishop Ronald Calvert continues to attend First Pentecostal Church of Kansas City and is under the leadership of Pastor Terry Mays.

Reverend Ronald Domerese

Reverend Ronald Domerese

 Ronald Domerese, better known as ‘Ronnie’ by family and friends, grew up in a ministers’ home with six other siblings. He received the Holy Ghost at the age of 5 and was baptized, in the name of Jesus, at 7 years of age by his pastor, Elder Earl Calvert. He felt the undeniable calling to the ministry at the tender age of 12, and preached his first message when he was 16.

 He lived most of his teenage years on the evangelistic field with his parents, and then moved to Kansas City, under Bishop Ronald Calvert’s ministry, when he turned 18. There he met his future wife, Debra Ellis; they married in the year of 1984, and had two sons. He has served under Bishop Ronald Calvert and our late pastor, Brent Calvert, and is presently serving under Pastor Terry Mays.


Reverend Steve Domerese

Reverend Steve Domerese

 In the summer of 1956, parents Hoyt and Elizabeth welcomed their son, Stephie Lane into the world. Steve was raised in a godly ministers’ home along with six other siblings. He received the Holy Ghost at 3 years of age and was baptized in Jesus’ name. He soon recognized his call to the ministry and under his grandfather, Earl Calvert’s guidance, came to preach his first message, ‘Unwavering Faith’ when he was 10 years old. In his teen years, he assisted his father, Hoyt Domerese, in preaching in various cities in Arkansas.

 Steve and his wife, Susanna McMinn, were married 2 days before Christmas in 1977, and had a son together. They pastored in Macon, Mississippi for 11 years and soon after returned to their hometown of Kansas City in 1994 to serve under the leadership there. Reverend Steve Domerese currently attends First Pentecostal Church of Kansas City, under Pastor Terry Mays, and is an active part of the ministry.