Church History

The roots of the church stretch back to the Fall of 1942, when Bro. and Sis. Patrick Ellis realized the need for a church in their lives. This was difficult because there was none in the area that upheld truth. A solution came when their kind landlord allowed them, along with a few other families, to have church in the storefront area of their apartment building on 8th Street. So, they continued this way for several months, determined and intent on having church.

 When they realized they also needed a man of God in their life, Bro. Ellis decided it was time to find a pastor for their church. After he had heard about a visiting minister from Illinois who had been through the area, and had attended one of the services; he knew they had found the right man. He made the long journey to Illinois to speak with Reverend Earl Calvert about their great need for a pastor. They came to an agreement and the new pastor decided to make Kansas City his new home. The church remained where it was for almost two years before God opened the door to show them the way to a building of their own.

By 1945, they had found a piece of land that was perfect for building a church. This property was only a few blocks away from their previous place of worship, on the corner of 8th and Olive Street. They held services in a large tent at the back of the property while the church was being built. Construction took about two years and was directed by Pastor Earl Calvert, Patrick Ellis, and Leroy Roland. The church was completed in 1947 and remained there for 28 years.

 In 1976 the church made one more move from 8th and Olive Street to our current location on NW Tiffany Park Road. This raw piece of property was donated by Ms. Ruth Bryant and immediately construction began. After having pastored for 32 years, Pastor Earl Calvert retired and handed over his pastoral duties to his son, Reverend Ronald Calvert. Services were held in the one-story building until 1980, when plans for a second story were put into action.  Making plans for the future, Pastor Ronald Calvert lead the church in the purchase of 38 acres on 152 Highway and Amity Rd.  The church settled into their renovated building until a change came almost 27 years later when Pastor Ronald Calvert retired and passed leadership to his son, Reverend Brent Calvert.

Pastor Brent Calvert saw the need for more revamping in 2009, and after two years the new and improved beautiful sanctuary was revealed. In June 2011, after 9 years of service to the church, Pastor Brent Calvert passed from this life at the age of 49. It was Pastor Brent Calvert’s request that assisting Reverend Terry Mays assume the role of Pastor upon his death.  Pastor Terry Mays was Pastor for 9 years at First Pentecostal Church of Kansas City and continued on with plans and vision of a new sanctuary to be constructed on 152 Highway until his retirement in February of 2020.

In June of 2020 Evangelist Rodney Betts and his family were elected Pastor of First Pentecostal Church of Kansas City and remain focused on growth through evangelism and reaching our community to this day.  The vision cast by Pastor Betts and the members of FPC of KC will be of the construction of a new sanctuary on the land owned by the church in the near future.

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